Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Disaster – The Actress Had The Most Erroneous Knife Work

Perhaps, this can be a real warning for those who wish to get their face and appearance escalated. Even though there are so many cases of plastic surgery which end up nice and happy, we cannot neglect that the omnipresence of plastic surgery has attracted lots of people, mainly artists, to have the knife work on their body and face. Perhaps plastic surgery indeed has been successful on some selects, yet we need to be aware that there are some cases which ended up erroneous. One of many disastrous plastic surgery cases is the one ever executed on Joan Van Ark. In the case of Joab Van Ark, you can see that her face has turned into a more frightening look. She does not get any more fabulous with the knife work. Joan Van Ark is best known as an American actress. She is most notable for her role in the prime time Knots Landing as Valene Ewing. She was born on June 16, 1943. In her generation, Joan Van Ark is best known as an actress that has an excessive obsession with her beauty. Once it was speculated that Joan Van Ark had plastic surgery to boost her beauty, which unfortunately has led to the awful look she has today. Public assumed that she had too much obsession with her beauty that she had obsessive plastic surgeries in her body. What had been the mistake then? Check out some details regarding Joan van Ark plastic surgery scandals.


Another Fallacy of the world-renowned plastic surgery

Perhaps this is another facet of the plastic surgery. Just like what happened on Jocelyn plastic surgery and some other disastrous plastic surgeries, the one on Joan Van Ark did not end up as she had expected. As you can see in Joan van Ark’s scandals, you can see that the actress had a number of surgeries. The first one she had was botox injections. This injection gets her facial muscle tense and further abolish any signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging, and lines. None was ever spotted on her face. Even though she indeed managed to get her face stay youthful, you can see that her face appears so pale. There seems to be too much botox she her previously. The awful and rather an odd look she has today is also assumed to be the outcome of blepharoplasty. This particular surgery as created a hollowed space just above her eyes. Instead of looking beautiful and sparkling, Joan Van Ark looks so unnatural and weird in that new face.


Another artist over obsession with cosmetic surgery

There have been so many buzzes about Joan van Ark plastic surgery disasters. The other fallacy that she had after the rumored knife work was her lips augmentation. Some artists have successfully escalated her beauty through lips augmentation. However, this apparently does not happen on Joan Van Ark. Instead of looking nice and sexy, her lips look too big and appear abnormal. This is assumed to be the outcome of the excessive use of filler on her face. There are also some other changes that she had through the knife work. As what has been posed by Joan van Ark before and after plastic surgery photos, you can spot that her nose is no longer intact. There are some changes she had through the knife work. This look is attributed to her rhinoplasty. Due to the nose job, her nose has seemed much more pointed and pinched. Additionally, you will see that her nose is slimmer and smaller. Besides cosmetic surgery, Joan van Ark also doing another secret plastic surgery. If you want to know more detailed information about her plastic surgery, you can read it at

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