Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Beauty Enhancement – What a Remarkable Change!

There is no doubt that plastic surgery has been widely popular among artists and socialite. This particular surgical procedure is best known for its impact in sparking massive change in just no time at all. For those working in the movie industry, plastic surgery somehow has turned into a must. Consider the cases of an artist taking plastic surgery in the United States, the number of the case is getting bigger and bigger all the time, indicating that there are more and more getting interested in the knife work although it is known as unnatural. One of many American artists that have been speculated to have undergone the knife work is Kenya Summer Moore. Kenya Summer Moore was born on January 24, 1971. She has been wide. Kenya took part in the 1993 Miss Michigan USA pageant and on Miss USA crown while finishing in the tops six in the list of Miss Universe 1993 pageant. In addition, she founded her own corporation, Kenya Moore Corporation. It is a charity which awards lots of scholarships for those underprivileged. With all the fame and success she gained, Kenya was apparently not free from scandals. In fact, one of the scandals was truly shocking. Kenya Moore’s plastic surgery came as a total shock to lots of people. The rumors about Kenya Moore came under the spot light and they got on everyone’s lips for some time. Then, what have been changed through the beauty enhancement procedure?


Kenya Moore beauty escalation – There seems to be no end of beauty obsession

Lots of people were so curious why she would have gone under the knife work. Kenya Moore is in fact so beautiful and natural with her original look. She is known as one of the most remarkable beauty divas. However, as the rumors about Kenya Moore’s plastic surgery got spread, public perception about her started to change. As you can see in her before and after plastic surgery photo, there are some slight changes that she had through the surgery. First off, let’s pay attention to the face. Kenya has been popular throughout the years. There have been lots of her photos in the internet. Some of the photos clearly show some changes on the nose. Before the plastic surgery scandals got rumored, Kenya used to have a bigger nose with the bulbous tip of the nose. This look, however, has been changed in that she has had some nips and tucks to get the nose more pinched and more pointed, a look which everyone desires to have. With that beautifully escalated nose, Kenya Moore certainly had more sparkle in the face.

What was the other beauty escalation?

Were there any other beauty enhancement? Well, you bet! After years of speculation, Kenya Moore eventually got spotted with some other alleged changes in her body. One of the most public-shocking is her butt. Somehow Kenya Moore seems to have a bigger butt, which is of course very different to what she used to have. This left some rooms for speculation and finally she got rumored to have had butt implants. Kenya Moore certainly got even more scandalous with that bigger butt. Some people even assumed that beauty pageant has an excessive obsession with her beauty that she decided to have a number of plastic surgery at one time. Without a doubt, Kenya Moore is certainly one of the most remarkable beauty who is worth admiring. Even though with the plastic surgery scandals, no one would deny the beauty she sparks through her face. Kenya Moore’s plastic surgery then is deemed as one of the most remarkable knife work

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